Podcast on Sitka blacktails with Randy Newburg is out!

Our podcast episode from a couple of weeks ago, with Randy Newburg (of On Your Own Adventures) is out! Take a listen... we talk about deer biology, research needs, our hunting adventures, and more!

"In this Episode (091) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is joined by his camera crew Marcus Hockett and Tyler Johnerson, and two leading experts on Sitka Blacktails, Jim Baichtal and Dr. Sophie Gilbert. Topics discussed include hunting southeast Alaska, Sitka Blacktail biology, lack of blacktail research, raising awareness, how good can habitat get, man and deer coexisting, management by science, science funded by hunters' excise taxes, appeal of hunting extreme locations, effort provides rewards, how you can help with Sitka Blacktail conservation."

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Download the episode here