We are researchers, appreciators, and hunters of Sitka blacktailed deer and their rainforest habitat.

United by our passion for these deer, we come from diverse backgrounds, including in wildlife research and management, hunting, geology, and human-wildlife interactions.


Sophie Gilbert, Ph.D.

Sophie is a professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Idaho, and first came to know these deer when working on her PhD in 2010 on ecology and management of Sitka black-tails.


Jim Baichtal, Ph.d.(Hon)

Jim Baichtal is a life-long hunter, and a professional geologist. He’s been helping with research on Sitka black-tails, and avidly hunting them all over Southeast AK, for 25 years and counting.


Todd Brinkman, Ph.D.

Todd Brinkman is a professor of wildlife ecology and human dimensions at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and has been studying Sitka black-tails, and the humans that depend on them, since 2007.